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Quem Somos - CIRCUS produções culturais
CIRCUS produções culturais
CIRCUS produções culturais
55 11 2528 4732


CIRCUS Produções Culturais is a company specialized in planning, implementation and administration of cultural and artistic projects, such as music concerts, theater performances, exhibitions, literary and audiovisual products, among others. Founded in 2006 by Guto Ruocco, after 15 years of EXPERIENCE as a producer of hundreds of artists and cultural projects in Brazil and other countries, the company's philosophy is to transform the cultural action in a socially sustainable business, stimulating work through artistic languages and its various forms Circus also seeks to give longevity to cultural projects and careers of the artists it represents, as well as provoke reflexion on everyone involved.

In 2009, it also became CIRCUS record label, believing that the CD, more than a sound recording, is an object of art, poetry, rich in information, and survives off the segment transformations suffered by the advent of the internet. Accordingly, the label CIRCUS works with the concept of the CD, along with a solid touring schedule as a tool that drives any investment in the cultural sector, and contributes directly to the development of free creative work proposal, unrelated to any inconsistent merchandising appeal.

Currently, CIRCUS cultural and phonographic productions is proudly responsible for the production and representation of a fine selection of artists. Good show!

CIRCUS Produções Culturais e Fonográficas
producer: Guto Ruocco
tel: 55 11 2528 4732 | cel: 55 11 99 172 4010
adress: av. São Luís 187, 3º piso, lojas 11 e 12, República, São Paulo, SP, Brasil | CEP 01046-912