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For the first time together in Sao Paulo, Mônica Salmaso and Zé Miguel Wisnik presented an unprecedented spectacle on 2 and 3 August at Teatro SESC Belenzinho. Mônica Salmaso handpicked a fine repertoire of the composer, singer and essayist Zé Miguel Wisnik to toast the hundreds of fans in a show full of songs that have been performed by Elza Soares, Zizi Possi, Jussara Silveira, Ná Ozzetti, Zelia Duncan, Caetano Veloso, Celso Sim and Luiz Tatit among others.


Mônica Salmaso: voice

Zé Miguel Wisnik: voice and piano

Marcio Arantes: acoustic bass, electric bass and vocals

Sergio Reze: drums

December 02nd and 03rd, 2012 at Teatro SESC Belenzinho - São Paulo (SP)

Circus Produções Culturais: Executive Production


Sonora Brazil Project - Sacred Mysteries / Voices of Brazil

Delegation is the name given to groups of participants who travel around with the image of St. Benedict, singing, praying and visiting houses of those ones who promise largely in northeastern of the states of Pará and Maranhão reaching cities. In order to present the instrumental music accompanying the dance of Marujada, Master Zito, the fiddle official player of Marujada from Bragança, and Junior Soares, singer, and guitarist banjo player are researchers of Amazonian culture. They integrate the group to present the six typical rhythms of celebration: roda, retumbão, chorado (afro-brazilian); and mazurca, xote and contradança from european Culture.


Master Zezinho Brito - singer and speaker

Rafael Almeida, Waldir Santos and Nazareno Nascimento, singers and percussionists

20/11/2012 - SESC Santo André (SP)

21/11/2012 - SESC Piracicaba (SP)

22/11/2012 - SESC São José dos Campos (SP)

23/11/2012 - SESC Campinas (SP)

Circus Produções Culturais: Executive Production


Sonora Brazil Project - Sacred Mysteries / Voices of Brazil

Performance of the group Group Caixeiras do Divino from São Luís do Maranhão, Brazil within the project Sonora Brazil – Sacred Mysteries / Voices of Brazil.

Mrs.Maria Rosa, Mrs. Maria de Jesus, Mrs. Zeze of Yemanja, Mrs. Rosa Barbosa and Mrs. Rosa Dias, the Caixeiras of the Divine São Luis do Maranhão, presented the various stages of the celebration through their songs, accompanied by percussion instruments. The singing, sometimes in unison sometimes two voices, presented variations in the main melody, as traditionally occurs in the practice of oral tradition, and its interpretative characteristics that reflect the strength achieved by the relationship of devotion to the Holy Spirit.


SIngers: Dona Maria Rosa, Dona Maria de Jesus, Dona Zeze of Yemanja, Dona Rosa Barbosa and Dona Rosa

28/8/2012 SESC Santo André (SP)
29/8/2012 SESC Piracicaba (SP)
30/8/2012 SESC São José dos Campos (SP)
31/8/2012 SESC Campinas (SP)

Circus Produções Culturais – Executive Production


Marcelo Jeneci has always assumed to be a big fan of Erasmo Carlos. In several interviews, Jeneci commented on the inspiration that the work of Erasmo brought him to compose the songs of “Feito Pra Acabar” (Made to End),his debut album released in 2010. In 2012 Jeneci made his dream come true and could share the stage with his idol, at the theatre of SESC Pompeia, in São Paulo. On 03 and 04 of August, Marcelo and Tremendão sang together the top hits of their careers. Erasmo, one of the greatest names of Brazilian rock at all times, played his hits and some songs from his new album, "Sex". Jeneci showed "Feito Pra Acabar", his debut album, which conquered Erasmo Carlos.


Marcelo Jeneci - voice, piano, keyboards, accordion and guitar

Laura Lavieri - voice

Estevan Sinkovitz - guitar and mandolin

John Erbetta - electric and acoustic guitars

Regis Damasceno - bass

Richard Ribeiro - drums

Erasmo Carlos - special guest

Veronica Pessoa and Ana Paula Verissimo - producers Marcelo Jeneci

Cinthia Albuquerque - Producer Erasmo Carlos

Carlos Augusto Ruocco - Production Director

03 and 04/08/2012 - SESC Porneia São Paulo (SP)

Circus Produções Culturais - Executive Production


Sonora Brazil Project - Sacred Mysteries / Voices of Brazil.
Banda Congo Panela de Barro is formed by cantadeiras Ruth Victor, Teresa Barbosa, Emilia Ferreira and Maria Conceição and they perform with the conductor Valdemiro Sales and percussionist Marcos Pereira. The presentations have specific features depending on the site they are, but it is always associated with a shipwreck on the coast of Espírito Santo state, when a group of slaves rescued clinging to a mast carrying a statue of Saint Benedict. Legend has it that, from then on, the black communities of the coast of the state began to "put down the mast" every year in thanks to the miracle.


Singers - Ruth Victor, Teresa Barbosa, Emilia Ferreira and Maria Conceição

Mestre Valdemiro Sales and Marcos Pereira - percussions

31/07/2012 - SESC Santo André (SP)

01/08/2012 - SESC Piracicaba (SP)

02/08/2012 - SESC São José dos Campos (SP)

03/08/2012 - SESC Campinas (SP)

Circus Produções Culturais: Executive Production


Sonora Brazil Project - Sacred Mysteries / Voices of Brazil

One of most prominent Brazilian vocal groups in classical music today, the Colonial Quartet, formed by singers with extensive experience in Rio musical concert scene, was conceived by Conductor Aida Maria Barroso, in 2003, with the initial purpose of disseminating acappella work of Father José Maurício Nunes Garcia. The vocal quartet performed for the first time at the end of the Sacred Music Festival of Paraty, and during the following years they performed The Rio de Janeiro Royal Chapel’s Music, with pieces by Father Mestre in various concert halls of Brazil. In Rio de Janeiro they have performed in major cultural venues, having been invited to open major concert series such as Brasiliana at Academia Brasileira de Música, Projeto Candelária and Quintas com Música at Fundação Eva Klabin.


Doriana Mendes, Daniela Mesquita, Noeli Mello, Geilson Santos and Luiz Kleber Queiroz

26/06/2011 - SESC Santo André (SP)

27/06/2011 - SESC Piracicaba (SP)

28/06/2011 - SESC São José dos Campos (SP)

29/06/2011 - SESC Campinas (SP)

Circus Produções Culturais: Executive Production


Presentation of the show Feito para Acabar (Made To End), Marcelo Jeneci’s eponymous album release. The multi-instrumentalist and composer Marcelo Jeneci launched his long-awaited debut album, "Made To End" with production signed by Kassin and orchestral arrangements by Arthur Verocai, on tour in Brazil in 2011. The band accompanying Jeneci on stage was formed by Laura Lavieri (voice), Regis Damasceno (bass), Estevan Sinkovitz (guitar), John Erbetta (guitar) and Richard Ribeiro (drums. The Mocoquense University Week (Mococa-SP) maintained its tradition of showing new artists, presenting a great performance at the Teatro Municipal Mococa in partnership with SESC São Carlos and Circus Produções of the show "Made To End" with Marcelo Jeneci and a band with large musicians of this generation artist.

Marcelo Jeneci - voice, piano, accordion, guitar and steel rhodes - Laura Lavieri - voice
Regis Damasceno - bass
Estevan Sinkovitz - guitar
John Erbetta - guitar
Richard Ribeiro - drums
Sound Technician - Vitor Paranhos
Lightning Design - Alessandra Domingues
Roadie - Fábio Jeneci
Executive Producer - Ana Paula Verissimo | Pessoa Prodution

16 and 17/11/2010 - Teatro SESC Vila Mariana Sao Paulo (SP)

29/11/2010 - Theatre Anchieta - Consolation SESC São Paulo (SP)

25/08/2011 - Teatro SESC São Paulo Sorocaba (SP)

09/09/2011 - Teatro SESC Bom Retiro Sao Paulo (SP)

18/11/2011 - Teatro Municipal "PETER ANGELO CAMIN" Mococa (SP)

18/05/2012 - Teatro SESC Santo André Santo André (SP)

28/05/2012 - Comedoria Belenzinho SESC São Paulo (SP)

Circus Produções Culturais: Executive Production


On March, 17 and 18, 2012, SESC received an appointment pretty unusual and unheard of in São Paulo. The singer Zelia Duncan and artistic director of the Symphony Orchestra of the State of São Paulo, the guitarist and composer Arthur Nestrovski made a spectacle of voice and acoustic guitar. The two musicians presented a repertoire recovering some of the songs sung in 2007, when artists created together the show "Na Linha de Cartola" in Porto Alegre. Besides Cartola, other songs that include individual works and masterpieces of American songbook classics and Brazilian music were part of the repertoire of the show such as "One Day I'll Fly Away" (Joe Sample / Will Jennings), "Quisera Eu" (Lulu Santos / Zelia Duncan), "Acontece" (Cartola), "Quem há de Dizer" (Lupicinio / Alcides Gonçalves), "Rosa" (Pixinguinha / Otavio de Souza), "As Rosas Não Falam" (Cartola) and "Capitu" (Luiz Tatit), among others.


Zelia Duncan – Voice

Arthur Nestroviski - guitar

17 e 18/03/2012 - SESC Pompeia São Paulo (SP)

Circus Produções Culturais – Executive Production


Realization of the show "Marcelo Jeneci and Tulipa Ruiz" in the event CULTURA LIVRE SP, held on November 12, 2011 in Villa Lobos Park. The concert repertoire was based on the first album of the singer, musician and composer Marcelo Jeneci and featured special guest singer Tulipa Ruiz.


Marcelo Jeneci - voice, piano, accordion, guitar and rhodes

Laura Lavieri - voice

Regis Damasceno - bass

Estevan Sinkovitz - guitar

John Erbetta - guitar

Richard Ribeiro - drumms

Special Participation: Tulipa Ruiz

Producer: Pessoa Production

25/06/2011 - Osasco SESC São Paulo (SP)

12/11/2011 - Park Villa Lobos São Paulo (SP)

03 and 04/02/2012 - Teatro SESC Santo Amaro São Paulo (SP)

Circus Produções Culturais: Executive Production


Series of shows performed by Tom Zé at SESC Pompeia and SESC Santana (São Paulo), where he brought a repertoire that involved a series of symbols with which the citizen lives daily. According to Tom Zé, this visual, artistic and symbolic language is like a public food. And a spatial identity that relates the man with his environment and culture in general. "Moreover, I will present successes that somehow came out of the same scrip, that same womb as "A Briga do edifício Itália com o Hilton Hotel", "Augusta, Angélica and Consolation", "O Abacaxi Irará" and other “objects” taken from the plurality of day-to-day to the uniqueness of the artwork, said Tom Zé at the time of the shows.


Tom Zé - voice and guitar

Lauro Lellis – drums

Renato Lellis – guitar

Cristina Carneiro – keyboard

Jarbas Mariz – percussion

Felipe Francisco Alves – bass

Luanda - voice

08 and 09/12/2011- SESC Pompeia - São Paulo (SP)

27, 28 and 29/01/2012 - SESC Santana - São Paulo (SP)

Circus Produções Culturais: Executive Production


Presentation of the show "Made To End" with the repertoire of the newly released album of Marcelo Jeneci. The show, this time at SESC Ipiranga, featured a chamber orchestra conducted by Arthur Verocai.


Marcelo Jeneci - voice, piano, accordion, guitar and rhodes

Laura Lavieri - voice

Regis Damasceno - bass

Estevan Sinkovitz - guitar

John Erbetta - guitar

Richard Ribeiro - drumms

Chamber Orchestra - Arthur Verocai (conductor)

Production: Pessoa Productions

16/12/2011 - SESC Ipiranga, São Paulo (SP)

Circus Produções Culturais: Executive Production


Sonora Brazil Project – The Bellows Accents
The traditional chromatic accordion with piano keyboard similar to the buttons on the right side and the left side has spread around the world, adapting easily to the cultural characteristics of different societies and eras. Also known in Brazil as the piano accordion is a versatile instrument that allows to perform works of various genres and styles. The Duo Ferragutti / Kramer is composed of two major accordionists of today, Toninho Ferragutti from São Paulo and Alessandro "Baby” Kramer, gaucho from Vacaria (RS), both composers and instrumentalists. They presented an overview of the work written for the 120 bass accordion since Luperce Miranda and Radamés Gnattali to the contemporary aspect of Borges-Cunha and their own compositions.


Toninho and Baby Kramer - accordions

01/11/2011 - SESC Santo André (SP)

02/11/2011 - SESC Piracicaba (SP)

03/11/2011 - SESC São José dos Campos (SP)

04/11/2011 - SESC Campinas (SP)

Circus Produções Culturais: Executive Production


ZÉ & CELSO + ELZA - Songs of Cannibalism is a musical concert with Zé Miguel Wisnik (singer-songwriter), Celso Sim (singer) and Brazilian song Diva Elza Soares. It is a show that features several songs created especially for the Oficina Theatre, directed by Zé Celso Martinez Correa, during the last 20 years. The repertoire is based on songs by Zé Miguel Wisnik with many partnerships with Oswald de Andrade, Euripides, Arthur Rimbaud, Paul Verlaine and Zé Celso Martinez Correa, created for "The Good Ones" by Jean Genet, "Ham-let" by William Shakespeare, "The Joyful Mysteries" by Oswald de Andrade, and "Bacchae" by Euripides, beides "Assum Branco" and "Mortal Folly" (about poem of Gregorio de Matos), created for Grupo Corpo.


Elza Soares - voice

Zé Miguel Wisnik - voice and piano

Celso Yes - Voice

Sergio Reze and Guilherme Kastrup - percussions and rhythmic programming

Marcio Arantes – acoustic guitars, guitar and bass

Swami Junior – acoustic guitars and bass

June 6, 2011 FLIP - Literary Festival of Paraty (RJ)

October 27 and 28, 2011 - SESC Pompeia - São Paulo (SP)

Circus Produções Culturais - Executive Production


Sonora Brazil Project - The Bellows’Accents
The eight bass concertina is one of the instruments that is more identified with the culture of the Northeast, where it is also known, among other names, such as goat's foot. The instrument is directly related to oral tradition and its pitch, known as pitch transported, had its original diatonic changed over time from the action of the musicians themselves, who sought to expand their melodic possibilities. Heleno Pereira dos Santos, the Truvinca, is one of those great masters who understands the importance of preservation and dissemination of traditional repertoire as representative of the development of northeastern music, but he is still little known. With his technique and full mastery of the repertoire, he fights to maintain an interpretative style, true to the original forms. He performed in Sonora Brazil accompanied by Alex da Zabumba and Otacílio do Trianglo, a typical Northeast formation.


Truvinca – Eight Bass Concertina

Alex - Zabumba

Otacílio - Triangle

30/08/2011 -  SESC Santo André, SP

31/08/2011 - SESC Piracicaba, SP

01/09/2011 - SESC São José dos Campos, SP

02/09/2011 - SESC Campinas, SP

Circus Produções Culturais: Executive Production


Presentation of Cradle of Samba from São Matheus on the schedule of musical acts in the 44th SUM (Mocoquense University Week). The BSSM is a stronghold of composers and musicians who found their samba musical expression, revealing to the general public the encounter of generations that restore and cultivate the samba in its various forms and traditions. The urban paulista samba asks to set aside for this group of about 13 musicians who participates in the shows. They are singers, choir components, drummers, guitarists and other artists. The repertoire of the show is based on the circles of samba in backyards as the 'Aunt CIDA' and 'Boteco Tim Maia' in the East Zone of São Paulo. Several styles of samba were recorded on the album, such as high party, samba song or backyard sambas.


Victor Hugo Bezerra Person - Surdo

Yvison José Bezerra Person - Repique

Douglas da Conceição - Tan Tan

Gerson Martins Dias - Percussion

Jorge Bernardino de la Cruz - Percussion

Fernando Clemente Blasques - Tamborim

Anderson Candido Silveira - Tamborim

Carlos Marcelo Ercilio - Banjo

Sandoval Luzias - Cavaco

Leandro Luis de Matos – 6 String Acoustic Guitar

Everson Bezerra Person – 7 Straing Acoustic Guitar

Donizete Altair de Oliveira - Voice

Maria da Graça Braga - Voice

24/07/2011 – Coreto da Praça Matriz de Mococa (SP)

Circus Produções Culturais - Executive Production


Sonora Brasil Project - The Bellows’ Accents
Known in southern Brazil as harmonica - point, two conversation harmonica or eight bass acordeona, it works in a system called "changed voice," where each button generates two distinct sounds depending on the direction of movement of the bellows, which differs from keyboard accordion, on which each key or button corresponds to a single note, regardless of the movement of the bellows. Unlike the instrument used in the Northeast, the Southern eight bass harmonica and two sequences is essentially diatonic, influencing traditional gaucha music.


Gilberto Monteiro - accordion

Eduardo Cantero - guitar

Fernando Gorrie - percussion

08/07/2011 - SESC Santo André, SP

09/07/2011 - SESC Piracicaba, SP

10/07/2011 -  SESC São José dos Campos, SP

11/07/2011 -  SESC Campinas SP

Circus Produções Culturais: Executive Production


Featured in the national music as one of the groups from Pernambuco that circulated most in the country and formed more fans in 2010, the Contemporary Orchestra from Olinda already owns a remarkable career in worldwide and pernambucana musical history. In SP ther performed at SESC Cultural Circuit in 15 presentations in June and at Virada Cultural Project at SESC Consolation in May. The Contemporary Orchestra of Olinda is the symbol of strength and creativeness that Brazil and the world learned how to admire in music from Pernambuco. Conceived by Gilú (percussionist) the Orchestra is a reunion of some of the best musicians from Pernambuco, known around the world, who are not accommodated with the formation of a traditional band with bass, guitar and drums. That’s where the idea of ??calling the musicians of the Frevo Orchestra Henrique Dias came from. The Orchestra has 50 years of existence.


Gilú - percussion

Hugo Gila - bass and keyboars

Tiné - voice

Maciel Salu - violin and voice

Rapha B - drums

Julian Holland - guitar, bass, guitar, seven-string guitar, guitar, 10 string guitar, viola de cocho, mandolin and baixolão

Maestro Ivan the Holy Spirit - flute, alto sax, baritone and tenor

José Roque - trumpet

Genuine Ibrahim - trombone

Alex Santana - Tuba

April and June 2011

Executive Production: Circus Produções Culturais


Cearábia is a spectacle of music and dance in 10 acts that walks through some of the roots of religious, ethnic and cultural miscegenation existing in the Northeast of Brazil, where we can see traces of Jewish, Islamic, Indian and Gypsy cultures. This musical work was born from the meeting of two people from Ceará: Lenna, who lived and worked 10 years in Spain, North Africa and in the Middle East, carrying a very particular musical and aesthetics luggage; and Kalil, a sound engineer, and a cosmopolitan pop producer. They formed a partnership that combined the magic of Spain, Eastern and Brazilian swing with the sound of our country side, a language with innovation and creativeness. The female characters are represented through dance in a range of possibilities that allows us a glimpse on how rich the miscegenation of the Brazilian people is.


Creation and Musical Direction - Yury Kalil | Creation, Screenplay and Direction General - Lenna Beauty | Choreographer, Dancer and Workshops - Lenna Beauty | Musicians - Regis Damasceno, Yury Kalil, Fernando Catatau, Marcelo Jeneci | Special Guset - Thomas Rohrer | Coordination - Talita Miranda | Executive Producer - Guto Ruocco | Lighting design - Alessandra Domingues | Scenography - Carla Sarmento | Video Creation and Projection - Stutz Fernando Segovia and Oscar Christofani | Graphic Design - Oscar Segovia Christofani | Sound Technician - Florence | Set Design Assistant - Caroline Pereira | Producer: Yara Howe

April 01st, 02nd, and 3rd 2010 - SESC Belenzinho (SP)

Circus Produções Culturais: Executive Production


Sonora Brasil Project - "Brazilian Music of the 20th Century-The work of Claudio Santoro and Guerra-Peixe"

The quartet Gyn Camara was formed especially for this edition of the sesc project Sonora Brazil. The repertoire of the presentation was formed by pieces of the composers Claudio Santoro and Guerra-Peixeo. The pieces are duets, solos and works for singing. "The pubic listened to pieces of the two composers of different strands. Besides popular music with coordinated elements by Guerra-Peixe, the twelve-tone music of Claudio Santoro also impressed people with their unconventional sound, "explained guitarist, Eduardo Meirinhos. Other popular songs from the program were played such as Characteristic Duet for Flute and Guitar, by Guerra-Peixe, and Rose Lullaby, a composition for guitar and vocals, by Claudio Santoro.


Eduardo Meirinhos - guitarist

Angela Barra - voice

Sydney Maia - Flute

Pilly Geier - violist and violinist

09/12/2010 - SESC Santo André

10/12/2010 - SESC Piracicaba

11/12/2010 - SESC São José dos Campos

12/12/2010 - SESC Campinas

Circus Produções Culturais: Executive Production


Sonora Brasil Project - " Brazilian Music of the 20th Century - The work of Claudio Santoro and Guerra-Peixe"
The Quartet of Brasilia, one of the most famous groups of Brazilian classical music, continued the project "Sonora Brasil," at the Social Service of Commerce (SESC), with the theme "Brazilian Music of the 20th Century-The work of Claudio Santoro and Guerra-Peixe "on Friday, April 30 at 18h, at Centro Cultural Palacio da Justiça.
The group has been showing their work for the last 24 years. The presentation was consisted by classical pieces of Cláudio Santoro (1914-1993) and Guerra-Peixe (1914-1993). Among the songs performed are String Quartet No. 7 Duo, by Santoro, and String Quartet No. 2 Duo for Violin and cello, by Guerra-Peixe.

Ludmila Vinecka - 1st violin

Claudio Cohen - 2nd violin

Guerra Vincente - cello

Glesse Collet - viola

23/09/2010 - SESC Santo André

24/09/2010 - SESC Piracicaba

25/09/2010 - SESC São José dos Campos

26/09/2010 - SESC Campinas

Circus Produções Culturais: Executive Production


Director: Cristián Plaña, Chile

The show portrays a large German family sitting around a table, drinking a soup prepared by the German mother, who is haunted by the ghosts of national socialism to such a level that causes a digestion by mental suggestion related to an ideological alienation that the Germans were submitted by methodical consumption, spoon by spoon, the Nazi conscience.


Adaptation - Amalia Kassai

Direction - Cristián Plana

Cast - Grimanesa Jiménez, Daniela Castillo, Amalia Kassai, Valentina Jorquera, Felipe Lagos, Gabriel Urzúa, Leo Canales, Daniela Ropert (Piano)

Musical Direction - Coral Annie Murath

Scenography - Rocío Hernández

July 21st and 22nd 2010 - Festival de Teatro Internacional - São José do Rio Preto, SP?

Executive Producer: Circus Produções Culturais


Group: Balladeers Broken Hearted, USA

Writer/composer/director Richard Maxwell reveals his passion for Westerns in his new play. “Ode to the Man Who Kneels” was premiered at the Belluard Bollwerk International Festival in Fribourg, Switzerland in June 2007 and enjoyed a five-week sold out run at the Performing Garage in New York in November-December 2007. Maxwell’s anti-style musical is about the violent quest for love, and a town called Grid where balladeers compete for the affections of beautiful women. Often turning to musicals without conforming to the conventions of a Broadway musical, Maxwell’s works evoke purity and a true sense of emotion.


Balladeers Broken Hearted, USA

Writer/composer/director: Richard Maxwell

2010, 1st July - Festival de Teatro Internacional - São José do Rio Preto, SP

Executive Producer: Circus Produções Culturais


On Saturday, June 5th, at 21 pm, Celso Sim and Arthur Nestrovski released the CD "Pra Que Chorar" at Teatro do SESC Pompeia. In the concert, the complete repertoire of the CD “Pra Que Chorar” is showed plus some songs by Chico Buarque, from the newly released album Chico Violão (Fine Biscuit), by Arthur Nestrovski. The repertoire of songs gathered Caymmi, Cartola, Ismael Silva and Lupicinio, plus some Lieder composers of the nineteenth century, Robert Schumann and Franz Schubert in Brazilian versions by Arthur Nestrovski. It also includes “O Amor” by Vladimir Maiakósvski, songs by Caetano Veloso, partnerships among Arthur Nestrovski, Zé Miguel Wisnik and Cacá Machado, and other unreleased songs by Nestrovski.


Celso Sim - voice

Arthur Nestrovski - guitar

Arrangements - Arthur Nestrovski

Lightning design - Alessandra Domingues

Sound design - Ivan Garro

General Direction - Celso Sim

Production Direction - SP Sem Paredes label

05/06/2010 - SESC Pompeia

25/09/2010 - SESC Ipiranga

Circus Produções Culturais: Executive Production


An initiative of the SESC São Paulo, the spectacle " Opera of Stones - The Earth’s spectacle " remained on display from April 22nd to May 15th in 2012 , always on Fridays and Saturdays, at SESC Ipiranga. Created by Denise Milan, who also wrote the libretto and set design, as well as co-director, along with Lee Breuer. The assembly prevailed by uniqueness, since never before imagined the stone had been treated with such expression, showing the Earth as the subject of his own life, no longer object. Not coincidentally, the debut happened just on April 22, which is the International Day of the Earth and the Discovery of Brazil , and at a time when the planet is faced with many serious and alarming.


"Opera of Stones - The Earth’s spectacle " Design, Direction and Libretto - Denise Milan | Co-artistic director - Lee Breuer | Artistic consultant - Lucia Camargo | Assistant director - Luis Ludmer | Cast - Wellington Nogueira (Coryphaeus) and Badi Assad (Agrégora) | Composers - Clarice Assad, Badi Assad, Carlinhos Antunes, André Mehmari, Marco Antônio Guimarães and Nana Vasconcelos | Musical coordination - Tiago Pinheiro | Sound design - Ernani Napolitano | Scenography - Denise Milan | Lightining Design - Fabio Retti | Lightning Assistant - Claudio Gutierrez | Costumes - Glória Coelho and Denise Milan | Props sculptures - Denise Milan and Silvana Marcondes | Coordination Shadow Puppet Theatre - Silvana Marcondes | Scenography - Denise Milan | Scenography Executive Production - José Silveira | Playwriting Assistant - Renata Huber and Beth Dorgan | Directors Assistant - M. Vinicius Furtado | Executive Production - Circus Productions Cultural | Crew - Cleo Regina Miranda , Consuelo Montero and Sandra Lacerda | Production - Director Guto Ruocco

From April 22nd to May 15th, 2010 - Teatro SESC Ipiranga São Paulo (SP)


It wasn’t exactly a show neither a class, but a unique blend of both, bringing together the musical, literary and academic talent of composer, singer and pianist Zé Miguel Wisnik - recognized as one of the top names in Brazilian music - and the composer, guitarist , critic and writer Arthur Nestrovski. The spectacle brought a selection of songs from Wisnik and other authors (including Nestrovski) among a variety of conversations on various subjects. From the formation of Brazilian songbook to how to compose music and lyrics, from the transformed power of bossa-nova and Tropicália to the debate about the "death of the song", Wisnik and Nestrovski sing and tell our music, set by them in the context of Brazilian culture nowadays.


Arthur Nestrovski – voice and guitar

Zé Miguel Wisnik – voice and piano

22/08/2009 - Pirassununga - Teatro Municipal Cacilda Becker

28/08/2009 - Matão - Amphitheatre Adriana Mazzi

29/08 - Catanduva - Teatro Municipal Anise Pasha

05/09 - American - Teatro Municipal Lulu Benecasa

Circus Produções Culturais: Executive Production


The "Summer Travel", formed by Jussara Silveira (voice), André Mehmari (piano) and Arthur Nestrovski (guitar), presents versions of compositions by Schubert (1797-1828) and Schumann (1810-56), recreated as Brazilian pieces performed by this new virtuous triangle. The union of the Austrian or German sublime melodies with Brazilian lyrics by Nestrovski reminds us that Schubert could have chosen better partners, even when the "lyricist" was Goethe, for example.
Our three artists lined the lieder, properly “Brazilianized” in the lyrics, to  compositions of great national names (Caetano, Caymmi etc..), Acquainting a repertoire that can mean many things at the same time: how the song is old! How the song is alive! How the song still promises!


Arthur Nestrovski - voice, guitar
Jussara Silveira - voice
André Mehmari - piano
03/05/2009 - Centro Cultural São Paulo (SP)
Circus Produções Culturais: Executive Production


After touring the world with the new show 'Moment' with visit to Brazil ON 2007, Bebel Gilberto returned to São Paulo for a series of concerts. 'Moment' is also the namesake of Bebel Gilberto CD, released early 2007 in the United States and Europe. In Brazil, Sony BMG distributed the album, pointed by critics as the most mature work of the singer's career.


Thomas Bartlett (piano and keyboards)

Masahara Shimizu (acoustic guitar e bass)

Pedro Gomez (acoustic guitar)

Magrus Borges (percussion)

November 2008 - Sesc Pinheiros and Pompeia - São Paulo, SP, Sesc Campinas, SP

Executive Producer: Circus Produções Culturais


Concert at SESC Santana of one of the SESC-SP label releases, the CD Cantos de Trabalho (Songs of Labor) is a result of work research developed by Renata Mattar, singer and researcher of Cia. Cabelo de Maria. The album brings together 20 work songs - joint efforts for plantation, women singing for peeling cassava, corn; spinning cotton, reaping rice, beating and sifting the beans, breaking the coconut, "destalar" (remove the stalk or main midrib and central midrib of the tobacco leaf for industrial utilization) the tobacco leaf, celebrating the harvest - collected in the states of Bahia, Alagoas, Sergipe and Minas Gerais.


Cia. Cabelo de Maria – Cantos de Trabalho - São Paulo (SP)

Renata Mattar – voice, percussion and accordion

Lucilene Silva – voice and percussion

Gustavo Finkler – guitar and viola

Felipe Dias – violin and fiddle

Clara Bastos – bass

Pixu Flores – percussion

11/12/2008 – SESC São José dos Campos (SP)

15 and 16/01/2009 - SESC Santana São Paulo (SP)

Circus Produções Culturais: Executive Production